Volunteer Positions

Volunteer positions involve a minimum of 1 hour per week.

Being a volunteer based sports clubs in the City of Vaughan (Concord, Thornhill Community), your volunteer efforts are appreciated and much needed to make our Club the terrific success that it is. In fact volunteers from the community are the backbone of who and what we are. We rely on the dedication and compassion of our volunteers and their work with young children, parents and staff throughout the Club. Each season, we need volunteers to fill many different roles. With over 1,000 players, parental support is of the utmost importance.


With so many players registered to play, the need for volunteer coaches is critical to creating a positive learning environment for the children in our community.

All volunteer coaches soccer-experienced or novice will be provided support from the Director of Coaching and Player Development on how to make the role an enjoyable one. If you can offer one hour per week for children wanting to play, laugh and be with their friends in a safe and fun environment, where they can also be challenged, then we are interested in you!


Convenors play a vital role in the GFC House League Program to ensure weekly games are a positive experience for players, families and guests. Conveners provide a communication channel between coaches within a specific age group and the House League Board of Director. We need your time and energy, for one hour per week, to communicate with approximately 6 coaches, to assist and follow up with any questions or concerns they may have that are not explained on the website.

Responsibilities include:

To ensure that each team receives all of the uniforms (do they all fit?)
To ensure that they each team receives one soccer ball per player
Communicate any field changes
Find out if the fields are safe to play on. If there are any concerns with the field or goal notify Club
Communicate any concerns about teams not being balanced
Communicate to the Club any negative behaviour seen or reported
Communication dates/times for photo day
Communicate about the end of season celebration; ensure that each team has enough medals