Team Travel Guidelines

The Glen Shields FC recognizes the value and special significance in participating in Tournaments/Showcases outside of our region, province and/or country. There are many benefits to this type of travel including:

  • Gaining experience in playing higher level of competition
  • Playing in a high pressure atmosphere
  • Building team camaraderie
  • Seeing and playing against different styles of play
  • Participating in a professional soccer environment
  • Showcase our Teams and Players to others in the soccer community
  • Experience cultures and history of the visiting areas

In order to present ourselves in the best possible light as players, teams and as the Glen Shields Futbol Club we have adopted some guidelines that all players and teams should follow. All Staff shall receive permission from the Club (DOC, Finance, and VP of Rep) by submitting the standard Club Tournament Travel Form at the beginning of the seasonal year (to be included in the team seasonal plan). The DOC will only allow for three major events excluding the Ontario Provincial Cup.Any further events will need the support and authorization of the DOC.

Pre-Trip Responsibilities

A parental/players meeting will take place at the Clubhouse with a Board of Director present in order to outline all aspects of the travel. This will include:

  • The duration of the trip – affecting any school absenteeism and how to minimize it.
  • The purpose of the travel – why this event?
  • The objectives to achieve on the trip – individually, group and/or team
  • The Head Coach outlining the budget for the entire travel keeping in mind cost is an integral factor in the decision making process – cost per player with or without funding
  • Means of travel: Air, Coach/Bus, Mini-Van, Passenger Van, Car
  • Accommodations: Hotel, University/College, Hostel – have a contact representative with whom the team are co-coordinating all aspects with in order to handle any special requests, attention to problems or any issues arising on arrival or during the stay
  • Meal arrangements: Hotel, Restaurant, Picnic Basket, Food during travel
  • A tentative itinerary of the trip which is to be finalized on receiving competition times and field locations which will be copied to the DOC. Each parent is to receive a copy which will also include the hotel address and all its pertinent contact information.
  • Practice schedule in order to prepare for the competition
  • Each team will purchase Blue Cross Travel Insurance when travelling outside the country
  • Each team will re-visit and update team documentation on any health concerns, dietary issues with all travelling (players/parents/staff) on the trip and document it for safety reasons
  • Checking to see all those travelling have the appropriate documentation to do so, including a valid passport
  • Parental/Guardian advisory on permission to travel if a player is under the age of 18 when travelling alone or with a single parent with the team must have a notarized letter of permission to travel
  • The deadlines for pre-payments, parental permission forms to travel, health insurance coverage (7 days prior to departure)
  • All Players will travel and lodge together in the same hotel. Special accommodations may be made to take advantage things such as Frequent Flier Miles, Hotel Points etc...

Guest Players

  • Players from the second team within the age group of the Club or the age group below will be offered the opportunity to be included on any soccer tour before a guest player is invited from outside the Club.
  • Any player(s) invited to play must be done so through the Head Coach of the respective team and have the DOC notified.
  • Invited players will be expected to follow the travel policy and pay their share of team expenses unless other arrangements have been through the DOC.

Team Behaviour Rules

  • Team staff, players, and parents will review and agree on general travel protocol, behaviour requirements and consequences if violations are committed.
  • At the coach's discretion, players may be sent home at parent's additional expense if they violate serious behavior rules related to drugs, drinking, illegal activities, tobacco products or having members of the opposite sex in rooms at any time.

Player Responsibilities

  • Players are asked to leave their travel documentation with the Head Coach until there is a need to use it.
  • As a direct importance of tournament play to the development of a team, all Glen Shields players are expected to participate in every event unless injured.
  • The Club insists on making player safety the top priority when players are traveling.
  • Players are to act like young adults at all times in any public places
  • Each Player is required to be where the Coach wants you to be at the time the Coach sets
  • No one goes anywhere alone or leaves the hotel without the expressed permission of the Head Coach
  • Hotel rooms must be kept neat and organized. The Room Captain will, prior to check-out inspect the room for any items (clothes, uniforms, money etc.) left behind.
  • We are guests of the hotel. Appropriate footwear and attire will be worn in the public areas of the hotel. Our reputation for future stays by Club teams are determined by the respect and maturity shown today.
  • Players are to be punctual and strictly follow all agreed upon curfews.
  • Any problems must be communicated to the Coach immediately.
  • Remember 'We Are Glen Shields'

Team Activities

  • The Head Coach will determine all soccer and non-soccer activities during the trip. All attempts will be made to allow time for visits to famous landmarks, cultural events and/or historical/educational locations.
  • Parents and players should remember team activities take priority over any personal agendas anyone may have.
  • Soccer trips are not vacations. Obviously having fun is a part of any experience on a tour but we must remember soccer must remain the top priority at all times. Any vacation time can be added following the competition which shall be made aware of prior to leaving.

Travel Dress

Players will wear only approved Club attire such as team polo shirt, warm up top or some other appropriate designated team attire at any team activity including:

  • Flight or a Coach/Bus
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Team Meals
  • Excursions
  • A player's individual style and expression is important but more importantly so on their own time away from the team
  • Shirts will be tucked in shorts/pants and shoes will be tied at all times
  • As we are an elite premier soccer club, baseball hats and caps should be left at home!
  • All players will be expected to dress as an athlete and look like an athlete


  • If more than one GLEN SHIELDS team is travelling to a particular event, it is Club policy to arrange accommodations at the same hotel to promote camaraderie amongst teams
  • Hotels which include continental or full breakfasts are preferred.
  • If players are sharing rooms, and someone leaves early, they are still responsible for their share of the total cost of the room.
  • Team meetings should be in the common area of the hotel and preferably pre-arranged with the hotel. (Meeting room/Breakfast Area)
  • A rooming list will be created with the names of all players in each room which is to be made available to all travelling
  • A rooming list for the parents will also be created and made available.
  • Each of the players' room will be assigned a room captain who will be complete responsible for the actions and behaviour of their roommates'
  • Each of the players' rooms will have a copy of the final itinerary of the tour and it will be their responsibility to keep it up to date with any changes made by the staff. Each morning at breakfast and prior to curfew the Room Captain will check with the Head Coach as to any changes to the daily schedule.
  • Each of the players' room will be assigned on a daily basis of team responsibilities such as: Water Bottles, Uniforms, Ball Bag, and Audio/Visual Equipment etc...
  • All attempts will be made to make sure all players are on the same floor when making hotel arrangements. If the players are for whatever reason on different floors, a staff member must be assigned to the same floor.
  • Staff will be asked to make sure a fire drill is done following the arrival of the team and rooms have been assigned


  • Once at the tournament, all players will travel to and from games in the transportation mode provided for the Team.
  • Players are not to drive any rented vehicles or have a teammate ride with them without parental/guardian consent.
  • Players who have travelled with the team on a plane/coach/bus and are returning home by other means shall provided written consent from their parent(s)/guardian to the Head Coach in writing. (email will be sufficient if at the last minute)


  • Meal times will be established in the itinerary of the tour and all players will eat together as a team
  • Obviously, all players should be strictly following their own team's prescribed nutrition and hydration policies.
  • The team should purchase healthy snack type foods and drink for in between meal eating and the cost will be shared equally.
  • Meals should be paid for as a team, on one cheque. The amount should be documented along with the number of people. Following the tour a documented expense sheet will be provided to all parents indicating the relevant costs. If the funds collected prior to leaving are insufficient then all players/parents are responsible to divide the cost and reimburse the team. Amounts budgeted for meals per day should be Breakfast $12; Lunch $18 and $25 for Dinner. (Includes, meal, taxes & gratuity)

Games and Local Tournaments/Showcases

  • Players must arrive at the game field at the time assigned by the Head Coach. Usual expectations are between 45 – 60 minutes prior to kick-off
  • Players must arrive properly and dressed in Club attire agreed upon
  • Players must only warm-up with their teammates and coaches
  • Players can only be instructed by the coaching staff during the game. The parents' role is strictly encouragement – no coaching
  • Any involvement of the parent with their player during the game has to be designated by the coach (injuries, water break etc...)
  • If a player will be late for the game or has to leave the game early, the Head Coach must be notified in advance
  • During the games, parents should refrain from making any comments to the game officials. The referees and linesmen should always be dealt with in a professional manner
  • Parents are not allowed to approach the coach after the game for discussions about playing time, playing position etc... Conferences should be scheduled for another time as the 24 hour rule is in affect
  • Every coach, player and parent must behave according to Ontario, League and Tournament rules and regulations...the Head Coach is responsible for the behaviour and actions of the players and their parents at all times according to the rules.

Out-of-Town Tournaments/Showcases

  • Full-Itinerary will be provided to all players and parents by the Head Coach before departure to any out of town tournament/showcase
  • We strongly encourage players to travel as a team
  • All players are expected to wear pre-agreed Club attire to the event (all players must dress the same)
  • As long as the team is still playing in the tournament, players are required to meet at a designated area at a designated time as specified by the Head Coach to do any team related activities such as meals, team walks, team meetings etc...
  • Teams will be travelling from the hotel to the fields and back together
  • Players must be dressed uniformly when departing to the games
  • Using the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, exercise equipment, or the like must only be done with the permission of the coach
  • Players must never leave the hotel without the permission of the coach, even if leaving with their parents. The coach must know the whereabouts of all players at all times
  • Players must follow the itinerary and must adhered to the agreed curfew and be in their own rooms
  • For teams under the age of 13, the players have the option of staying with their own parents
  • For teams of age 14 and up, the players must room together if required by the coach
  • Every person associated with the Glen Shields Futbol Club must follow the rules of the hotel in which they are guests
  • Players are not allowed to run around the hotel, play soccer in the hotel hallways, or walk barefoot or shirtless
  • If the tournament, host both male and female teams, casual association during free time will be allowed in public areas, but absolutely no player will enter the rooms of players of the opposite sex.
  • If a conference is necessary between the coach and an individual player, it must be done so with the presence of a manager or the parent of the player or another adult. At no time is the Head Coach or any staff member to have a meeting alone in the lobby or in one of the rooms.


  • The actions and behaviour of the staff, players and parents while travelling under the Glen Shields Futbol Club name.
  • It is the full responsibility of the Head Coach to adhere to all of the above mentioned travel policies and guidelines
  • It is the full responsibility of the Head Coach to assign all duties and responsibilities to their staff for the tour.
  • It is the full responsibilities all information is documented and copied to the DOC and Club Office prior to departure.
  • It is the full responsibility of the Head Coach to communicate with the DOC and/or Club Office on the arrival and departure of the team as well as any communication of problems or concerns prior, during or post trip.
  • It is the full responsibility of the Head Coach to keep an open line of communication between the team and the DOC/Club Office on any and all results, performances and technical issues by phone or email.
  • It is the full responsibility of the Head Coach to complete a standard post tournament report on the trip within 7 days of arriving back and submitted to the DOC.