Competitive Teams Staff

2017 Outdoor Technical Staff

Position Name
Technical Director Wayne Simmons
Technical Director Minis (U7-U9) Paul Lippa
Technical Director Girls Paul Dell'Aquila
Director Girls Rep Mike Pozzulo
Director Boys Rep TBA
Goalikeeper Coach Camilo Benzi
Head Referee Jorge Monico

Girls Teams Coaches

Team Coach Assistant coach Manager
U8 - 2009 Paul Dell’Aquila   Connie Ruscitto
U9 - 2008 Paul Dell’Aquila   Tony Palmisano
U10 - 2007    
U11 - 2006 Helen Nassar   Maria Baglione
U12 - 2005 Christina Allegretto Mike Pozzulo Lori Zammito
U13 - 2004 Dimitri Ovetchinnikov   Tiffany Caffaro
U15 - 2002      
U16 - 2001 Wayne Simmons Alison Moreira
Girls U21 Helen Nassar   Ginny Disimino
Women's Senior Christina Allegretto Paul Lippa

Boys Teams Coaches

Team Coach Assistant coach Manager
U8 - 2009 Paul Lippa   Marco Costa
U9 - 2008 Luis Moreira Gian Franco Manchisi  
U10 - 2007 Wayne Simmons Raffaela Dhingra
U11 - 2006 Bobby Lee   Victoria Jurinic
U12 - 2005 Paul Lippa   Frank Mastromattei
Pat Colangelo
U13 - 2004 Elvis Azevedo   Angelo LaMatia
U14 - 2003 Paul Okuma   Serag
Moe Fedee
U15 - 2002 Dave McDonald Michael Lonsway
U16 - 2001 Paul Okuma Danny Rubino
Boys U21 TBA  


Glen Shields Futbol Club takes great pride in the coaches that work for us. Our volunteer coaches who in many cases have a child on the field are the glue of the organization and in fact they are the cornerstone, the backbone of who and what we are.

Our paid staff coaches are trained professional licensed coaches who have a high playing background with a teaching methodology to train our players through an age specific, position specific curriculum with an emphasis on learning how to play the game correctly through the development of the basic fundamentals necessary to succeed.

Developing soccer players is the primary objective for our coaches, but what cannot be underestimated is the importance of coaches shaping lives. Gone are the days when coaching responsibilities consist of working with X's and O's. Today, coaches must be technically proficient and tactically sound of course but they must now also be specialists in a specific age group and a specific position. Coaches must also have an understanding of how to teach players while not only continuing to update and educate themselves (seminar's, conferences, meetings, license course, refresher courses, positional & youth licenses) with the needs of the game and how it is continuously changing at the elite level but also on how to teach like educators in our school systems.

Coaches must also have the ability to teach players how to take care of their bodies for longevity in the sport and for a healthy lifestyle. Running sprints is no longer the only method of maintaining fitness. Today's athlete must understand the importance of endurance for sure, but core strength, coordination, speed, balance, agility & nutrition are all facets of physical conditioning. Understanding the psyche of youth players and managing those players is also a key component in coaching.

Today's coaches must be able to motivate and build self-esteem in their players. All this simply means we need quality, well-rounded men and women to lead our youth to success both on and off the field. Coaches are now teachers, motivators, psychologist, mentors, role models within our community and much more.

Our coaches continually strive to develop players on and off the field. It is a great privilege to coach in the Glen Shields Futbol Club as it is a Club recognized as one of the leaders in the sport in Ontario and Canada, but with great privilege comes great responsibility. We are proud of the hard working coaches we have who embrace this privilege and thrive with this responsibility.