Competitive Programs Information

GFC Programs are designed to develop players to their maximum potential so they can enjoy the game because of increased ability and skill. It is our goal to help our players to excel and go on to play for Provincial or National teams and Canadian and US Varsity teams.

Some programs for rep players include: Indoor Soccer Development, Summer Camps, Mentorship Prgram, Goalkeeping Training, Finishing School, Elite Travel (U.S. Showcases), and P.A.S.S. (help to obtain scholarships, including SAT Preparation).








U17 Girls Winter & Spring Competitive Program 2017-18

U17 Girls Winter & Spring Competitive Program 2017-18 U17 Girls Winter & Spring Competitive Program 2017-18

Goalkeeper Training

The goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field. They are the last line of defense and the first line of attack yet many times the only player overlooked in practice sessions. To play the position well requires special skills and training, not to mention a little courage, intelligence and resilience. For many team coaches, goalkeeping techniques and tactics are a mystery. Even experienced field players and coaches may not have much insight or experience in the areas of goalkeeping. This specialized training is available to all team coaches to observe and educate themselves.

We will conduct training sessions every week designed to develop Competitive Goalkeepers aged 8-18. Furthermore, Goalkeeping training is provided for players in the Mini-Division age groups. Staff will outline and demonstrate goalkeeping techniques and tactics, touch on psychology of goalkeeping and provide a primer on goalkeeping equipment.

Finishing School

Finishing School goes far beyond the mechanics of shooting at goal. Our Goal is to teach> athletic players how to get into position to finish inside & out of the penalty box. It is about evaluating the situation you are faced with and knowing the right decision to make in order to hit the back of the net.

Prolific goal scorers are a rare commodity in any team, club and throughout the sport in general. Of course there are several players who can score goals, but few display the composure and technical ability necessary to put the finishing touches on every attacking move.

Here are some of the skills that will be taught:

  • Areas in which the highest percentage of goals are scored
  • Understanding how the goalkeeper thinks and positions themselves
  • Preparing mentally to have the desire to finish
  • Preparing your body to receive the ball to strike at goal
  • The mechanics of striking the ball
  • The difference between placing the ball and shooting
  • Reading the pressure on the passer and how to adjust to it as the receiver
  • Understanding how to make it difficult for defenders to mark you
  • Understanding how and when to make runs between and behind defenders
  • What are the different types of runs to make
  • Identifying what type of goal scorers you are & how to capitalize on it
  • How to capitalize on 1 vs 1 with the goalkeeper
  • How to dribble at goal with deception, speed and control
  • How to take your first touch, to set up the shot
  • How to use different types of surfaces of your foot to finish low or high
  • Knowing & understanding how your foot makes the ball react (spin, bent, driven, lofted, chipped, skipped...)
  • Knowing how to use the field and its markings to your advantage
  • How to play with your back to goal
  • Timing of runs to the near and far post
  • How to deal with game realistic game situations with numbers up
  • How to deal with game realistic game situations with numbers down
  • Combination plays to get between, behind or around the opponent
  • Reading the play and determining the space available to attack & capitalize
  • Controlling your emotions and learning how not to panic
  • Heading
  • Volleying (half-volley)
  • One Touch and when to use it

Scoring goals is the final element to a game with many elements. Chances are rare and it is the player who can take those precious chances and put the final touch on the ball before it crosses the goal line who will make the difference in a game. No matter what has happened during a game it all comes down to who scores the most.

It is for this reason that the Academy Staff will provide an invaluable experience for developing goal scorers. Every player will be encouraged to overcome personal challenges and to think for themselves in order to facilitate a better and broader understanding of how to put the finishing touches on to every attacking move through repetition as 'repetition is the master of skill'.

Players will learn how to score goals, regardless of the position they play on a team, if you have the desire to learn, train and be committed to excel we will educate, motivate and inspire you to become soccer's most precious commodity – a goal scorer!