GFC Player and Team Development Program

The Glen Shields Futbol Club follows the The Ontario Soccer Player Development Model which is recommended for training grassroots players from the ages of U6-U12.


Player Development Program

The Program is based on the development of the key fundamentals to improve technique, ball control, vision, awareness and sportsmanship through a disciplined and challenging environment which is enjoyable to learn in.

Decision Making
At GFC we always encourage players to make their own decisions as well as encourage them to try to solve their own problems. A healthy and positive attitude is a key component of every successful soccer player. We firmly believe that discipline is an integral part of achieving success in whatever path you choose in life. Therefore, we promote young athletes to embrace this ethic from an early age. This enhances the learning and educational process of all our players.

We do not believe every professional player was born to be a soccer player. Some people grasp the basics quicker than others but the technical part of your game is one area which can be cultivated. All the best technical players such as Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Ronaldinho, Diego Maradona and countless others all worked long and hard on improving their technical ability. The Program focuses on all aspects of technical development from passing, dribbling, movement and control to effective flicks and tricks which can be used in game situations. All these components can be incorporated into technical (without opponents) through skill (with opponents) based scenarios to help their individual development of 'technique on demand'. If you want to be a skilful player who can perform under pressure – this is the program to motivate you to reach your potential!

The Coaches believe that no matter what the technical level of the player, it can be wasted without tremendous awareness. The GFC Method of Coaching develops a player's vision and awareness teaching 'how to read the game', maintain an awareness of exactly who is around him/her and coaching the correct time and place to complete a pass, make a run while educating the player in how to create space and time for him/herself.

Fútbol (Soccer/Football) is a fast paced athletic game and the next step in the process is to develop the agility required from the player. Through a program of technical (without opponents) and skill (with opponents) sessions as well as small-sided games, the program will assist in enabling the player to improve and attain a greater level of agility.

This philosophy motivates players to develop the offensive part of their game. It develops passing, technique, and quick feet while educating players on both the mental and physical aspects of beating players in a competitive environment. The athlete will have the confidence and inspiration to take the game to his/her opponents either in a 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 or 4vs4 etc...

The final building block is a combination of all previous building blocks working in harmony. The athlete can pass, move, create space and execute a trick at the right time in the right place. They can work individually or as a team to solve problems or scenarios and are coached to be tactically aware.

The athlete(s) can work as part of a team – building patiently or by increasing the tempo, thus culminating in the execution of all the aforementioned building blocks at high velocity and speed. Furthermore the program facilitates the unlocking of opponents and the creation and conversion of goal scoring opportunities.

Team Development Program

The Team Development Program is created to assist all coaches of all levels of coaching/playing experience with professional instruction tailored to the individual team's needs at anytime throughout the year. Training sessions are developed following a discussion between the coach and/or technical director of the Club and the Staff to identify the needs of a team as a whole and its individual players. The team coach's involvement is critical as it does advance their own coaching development in order to continue any and all training conducted by the Academy Coaching Staff.

Team/Club Programs can be designed to assist any coach with:
– Year Round Training (Periodization is key to any success)
– Seasonal Training (Indoor or Outdoor)
– Pre-Season (How and what to technically & tactically prepare for methodically)
– Mid-Season (fine tuning, addressing exposed weaknesses, maintenance, repetition)
– Preparation for any major tournament or travel
– Goalkeeping Training
– Specialized Positional Training (Defenders, Midfielders, Wingers, Fwds/Strikers)

All sessions will include a warm-up related to the topic, technical/tactical training in order to address the needs of both the team and the individual player. All training sessions are based on ability and age specificity. The team and the individual player will be challenged to solve problems or scenarios within a dynamic soccer framework through an innovative coaching philosophy. This philosophy is a clear progression from static drill based environment classic methods.

Staff will incorporate into their sessions the following training methods:
– Technical Sessions (without opposition)
– Skill Sessions (with opposition)
– Functional Sessions
– Phase of Play Sessions
– Small-Sided Games (6vs6, 8vs8, 9vs9)
– 11-a-side

Training Session Topics to be covered with teams:
– Playing out of the back from the defensive third
– Playing through the central midfielders
– Midfield movement to link the back four to the forwards
– Wing play on how to get behind the defense with minimal touches on the ball
– How, when and where the movements of the forwards is critically important
– Penetrating passes from midfield to forwards
– How to outnumber players around the ball to win the ball back or gain advantage in the attack
– Pressuring the opponent in the attacking third
– Pressuring the opponent in the middle third
– Pressuring the opponent in the defensive third to counter-attack
– Defending in units, groups and defensive blocks