The Commitment for GFC Rep

Practice & Game Commitment

  • Wear the GFC Practice/Uniform and Apparel proudly and appropriately avoiding all improper conduct.
    Traveling Teams will wear Club Soccer Members Colours.
  • All training, practices and games are mandatory.
  • Arrive on time for all training, practices and games.
  • Earn the respect of the coach and their staff and respect will be returned.
  • Teams will normally train 3 times a week unless indicated by the Academy Program.
  • If a player does not train, they will either miss the first half or not play.
  • There is no guaranteed playing time in the Competitive Rep Program. Playing time is earned at practice.
  • Playing time is based on attitude, commitment, ability, and merit.
  • Participate actively by making an impact in practices and games without disruption.
  • Maintain a positive attitude at practices & games no matter the score or emotional level.
  • Display respect for the officials and their decisions no matter the emotional level.
  • Display respect for the other team coaches & players who provide you with the competition of a game.
  • Display respect for fellow team players, coaches, parents, the Academy Staff and all its members including players on younger and/or older GFC teams.
  • Assume the best of your teammates and staff. Talk directly with any staff particularly with the Head Coach if there are any issues, questions or concerns related to you or a teammate. If you feel the Head Coach or Staff can not be approached then ask to meet with the GFC DOC (Director of Coaching & Player Development).
  • Honour the game of soccer by adhering to the laws of the game, especially those which forbid 'serious foul – intent to injure', 'foul and abusive language' and sexual and racist remarks.


  • Glen Shields Sun Devils will attend a maximum of 3 tournaments annually if feasible.
  • The Glen Shields Academy Training Program is open to all players to train, but only the players selected from those training within the Club's Academy will travel to elite tournaments in the United States or Abroad as travelling teams based on merit in post & Off-Seasons.
  • Each Competitive Rep Teams' Head Coach in conjunction with the Director of Coaching will discuss and agree to the seasonal tournaments.

Academy Traveling Teams Guidelines

  • All traveling Academy teams will comprise of Sun Devils Players of multiple age groups and will follow and abide by the Glen Shields traveling policies and procedures.
  • Traveling Academy teams will have a Head Coach, an Assistant Coach and a Team Manager. The Coach is responsible for the overall responsibility of the Team but the primary role is to Teach on the Field. The Assistant Coach is to provide support in technical and tactical manners as well as fulfill the duties of the Head Coach in their absence. The Manager is responsible of the day to day operation of the administration of the team off the field.
  • The Club Director of Coaching will approve All Coaching Staff.