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Program to develop and improve basic skills. For boys & girls age 4-14.

Glen Shields Futbol Club's Development Program

We at Glen Shields Futbol Club are very proud to be one of the first clubs in Ontario to implement the Canadian Soccer Association's Long Term Player Development (LTPD) program. This program has been mandated by the Canadian Soccer Association throughout all provinces. The Glen Shields FC is a leader in the soccer community and is the first Club to implement LTPD throughout our system, rather than just a few age groups.

LTPD was developed based on The Long Term Athletic Development program created by Canadian Sport for Life and based on many years of research. LTPD is designed to deliver an age appropriate program which will develop the basic movement skills (agility, balance, coordination) through the game of soccer. The goal is to develop physical literacy as outlined by Canadian Sport for Life and Physical and Health Education Canada. The focus is on: training methods geared toward specific development stages, games and competition not wins and loses.

Information regarding the Long Term Player Development is available on our downloads page or by visiting The Ontario Soccer Association's website.

For additional information regarding Long Term Athletic Development and Physical Literacy, visit the Canadian Sports for Life website.

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