Information Downloads

Download GFC House League forms and information.

1. 2016 Recreational Programs
Click here to download '2016 Recreational Programs'.

Recreational Programs

2. 2016 House League Soccer Rules (Mini & Youth)
Click here to download '2016 House League Soccer Rules'.

GFC House League Rules

3. GFC HL Referee Form
Click here to download 'Referee Form'.

Referee Form

4. 2016 Parent Handbook
Click here to download the Glen Shields FC 'Parent Handbook'.

Parent Handbook

5. 2016 GFC Policies and Terms
Click here to download Policies and Terms

Outdoor Terms and Policies

6. Canadian Soccer Association's Long Term Player Development (LTPD)
Click here to download.


7. House League FAQs
Click here to download.


8. Important Parent Information for all ages
Click here to download.

Parent Information for All Ages