Information about Community Certification

The Community Coach Certificate, as the name suggests, is aimed at the coaches working with children, youth players and senior players involved in recreational and competitive community club soccer.

The Community Coach Certificate essentially consists of three parts; Children, Youth and Senior Coaches wishing to gain certification would do so in the following manner.

Community Coach Certification: Completion of Children's, Youth and Senior courses totaling 50 units
Community Coach-Children (6-10 age groups): Completion of the Children's course totaling 10 units
Community Coach-Youth (10-14 age groups): Completion of the Youth course totaling 20 units (10-14 age groups)
Community Coach-Senior (14+ age group): Completion of the Senior course totaling 20 units (14 years and older)

The largest numbers of coaches at the community club level are parent/volunteers involved in mini-soccer programs and are new to the game. These parent/coaches are generally interested in gaining a rudimentary understanding of the task at hand but, due to other commitments, cannot make coaching certification a high priority.

With this in mind, the program makes it possible for a coach to complete the 10 units of the Children's course in one day and be awarded the designation "Community Coach-Children". This designation is recognized for Mini-Soccer coaches only.

Coaches working with players aged 10-14 years or 14 years and older may enter the Program through the respective Youth or Senior category if they do not wish to gain full certification at the community level.

They will undergo 20 units (i.e., two days) of instruction in order to gain the designation of either Community Coach-Youth or Community Coach-Senior.

Coaches may gain the full Community Coach Certificate by attending all 50 units involved in the Children's, Youth and Senior courses (approximately five days in total). It is recommended that this designation entitle the coach to coach a team at any age group, in any amateur competition/ tournament, at the club level.

If on completion of this process a coach wishes to apply to enter the Licensing Program, admittance into the B License course is dependant upon a coach attending and passing a formal 'Provincial Pre-B' evaluation held within his/her province, before an application is made to the Ontario Provincial Soccer Association.

For more information/course dates please see the Ontario Provincial Soccer Association