We Are...More Than A Club

The Glen Shields Futbol Club has been an active participant in the Thornhill and Concord communities within the City of Vaughan since 1982. Beginning with only sixty-five players and five co-ed house league teams, the Club has grown immensely over the years, and in 2004/5 the Club reached a new high in registration numbers with 1602 enrolled members. The Club houses 24 representative teams, ranging from the ages of 8 to 18 in the youth division, with approximately 380 youth members playing competitive soccer year round, and men's and women's teams in the senior division. In 1998, the Club added a professional men's team to its ranks, thereby becoming the first youth Club within Canada to own and operate a professional team in the sport of soccer.

The Glen Shields organization is the home of four Ontario Cup championships, three prestigious Robbie championships, numerous other league distinctions and tournament championships, and a full girls program. The Glen Shields Futbol Club prides itself on the extensive achievements of its members.

In 1986 the Glen Shields Futbol Club was incorporated as an organization for non-profit. The Club currently draws its revenue from several sources: membership registration, fundraising events, and sponsorships. The Club is governed by its Constitution and run by an elected group of Directors, both of which provide the stability and continuity required to meet the needs of the membership and the discipline of soccer. In 1997, the Club hired a full-time professional Director of Coaching & Player Development to help run and build its youth programs. The Club's rapid growth and desire to increase the development of quality programs created the need for this position, and the Club hired a professional coach/player with an expansive technical background to take on this role. The Club has also hired two office administrators and several part-time youth trainers to facilitate its growth and the development of quality programs.

The Club and its members have a commitment to provide the best quality service and to develop its programs to meet the growing needs of its membership and the community, as well as the discipline of soccer. In 1996 the Club expanded its programs by offering a soccer camp under the direction of a professional coach/player, and in 1997 this camp grew to become the single largest camp to be run by any individual Club in the Province of Ontario.

Although the Club has standards of quality and distinction rooted in tradition, its Directors also recognize the need to continue progressing and moving ahead. We are the only Club within the Province of Ontario that has maintained the same colours (red and black), Club crest, and competitive uniform since our founding. Recently, however, the Club adopted a new and modern mascot, the Sun Devil, which provides a unified icon within the Club with which all teams and players can identify. Both the crest and the Sun Devil are symbols representing what has led the Club to its many successes: a long tradition of excellence combined with creative innovation and ingenuity.

The success and growth of the Club's programs relies on the strength and commitment of its membership and supporters. The Club's Executive Board and the majority of Club participants and organizers work on a volunteer basis. In exchange for their time and commitment, the membership takes pride in being a part of a professional and successful organization. The Glen Shields Futbol Club is a true ambassador to the fulfillment of community participation and a partner in the growth and development of our youth and the sport of soccer.